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Parental Involvement Policy

Parental Involvement Policy

                                          Goodpine Middle School

                                         Family Engagement Policy



Goodpine Middle School maintains that a quality education for our students is a top priority, as well as a joint effort of the administration, faculty, students, and parents.  Goodpine Middle School offers many opportunities for parents to be a part of their child’s educational experience.  We believe that parental involvement is a vital role in a child’s education.


    The following is a list of parental involvement opportunities offered at Goodpine Middle School:


 Open House                                                                         August       2022

Parent / Teacher Conference                                            September 2022

Trick-or-treat/Book Fair/ Reading Night                           October      2022

Math Night/Penguin Patch                                                 November  2022

 Parent Expo                                                                         January      2023

Parent / Teacher Conference                                             February    2023


Parent / Teacher Conference – Two parent teacher conferences are held during each school year, one in the fall and another in the spring.  These meetings provide opportunities for parents to meet their child’s teachers to discuss strengths and weaknesses and any concerns with discipline or absences.  Parents also receive Family Student Engagement.  During the spring parent/teacher conference, promotion requirements and testing information are discussed.


Math Night – During the month of November, Goodpine Middle School hosts a Math night. Students and parents participate in math activities and games.  Students are also awarded prizes at each math activity station. Students will also be able to use math skills while shopping in the Penguin Patch Store. 


Reading Family Night – During the month of October , Goodpine Middle School hosts a Reading Family Night.  Reading activities are provided for students and parents to participate.  Students and parents are also given the opportunity to purchase quality reading materials.


Parent Notification – Parents of Goodpine Middle School students receive notification of parental involvement opportunities through parent notes, newspaper ads, emails, website postings,  monthly calendars and intercom announcements.


Teachers notify parents if students receive their third discipline mark on the discipline sheet.  Parents are also notified if their child has excessive absences.


Parents Welcome – Parents are always welcome on the campus of Goodpine Middle School.  Parents are invited to attend Dare Graduation, Intramural Basketball games, variety shows, behavior reinforcement trips, Book Fairs,  Christmas Program, student/teacher basketball game, and to volunteer in classrooms.