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Grading Scale

Report cards are issued at the end of each six-week period. The following outlines the grading practices of LaSalle Parish Schools:

93-100% = A

85 - 92% = B

75 - 84% = C

67 - 74% = D

0  - 66%  = F


Parents can review current grades by using the Parent Communication Center available online.


Lost books

Textbooks are furnished at no cost to the students. However, once the textbooks are issued, the students are responsible for lost or destroyed books at their full value. This also applies to library books.

Academic Information

No Child Left Behind

  • Every child will be taught by a teacher that has met state qualifying and licensing criteria for the grade level and subject area.
  • The child is provided services by paraprofessionals who are highly qualified.
  • If a child is assigned, or taught by a teacher who is not highly qualified for four or more consecutive weeks, the parent must receive timely notice.


Take- home folder and student planner

Each student receives a take-home folder and Goodpine Middle School Handbook. The folder will be sent home weekly throughout the school year. The folder will include graded papers and current school information. After reviewing, please sign and return.


When folders are repeatedly not signed due to lack of parental cooperation the following measures will be taken:

  1. Teacher contacts parent
  2. Principal contacts parent
  3. Referral to LaSalle Parish Child Welfare officer

Please emphasize to your child the importance of taking care of this folder. Replacement folder will cost $2.00 each.


The Goodpine Middle School handbook and planner will help organize his/her daily, weekly, and long-term assignments. The planner is sent home each night with the teacher's initials. The parent initials it at night so the teacher will know you have seen your child's assignments. This program will improve your child's organizational skills and serve as a helpful reference for parents who seek to provide academic support at home.


Homework Policy

We believe that homework is a means of bringing teacher, pupil, and parent together. Students are to complete all written and oral homework assignments as required by the teacher. Each child will have a homework notebook brought home each night. The student is responsible for writing the assignments down in the notebook. The teacher will check and initial it. The parent is to initial it each night so the teacher will know you saw the assignments. All D and F papers are sent to Mrs. Tullos to go over with the students and they rework the paper for homework. The test paper is returned to Mrs. Tullos the next day with a parent signature or this could result in an office referral. We believe by the time they have gone over the test paper with Mrs. Tullos and their parent they may learn what they struggled with.   

Promotion Requirements

In order for a student to be promoted to the next grade, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Students must pass math and reading.
  • Pass the Louisiana Educational Assessment Program (LEAP) Test.
  • Student the fail two or more subjects other than math or reading will be retained.
  • Comply with the Louisiana Compulsory School Attendance Law. Promotion from one grade to the next requires that the student be in attendance a minimum of 152 days within the school year unless absences are due to illness and verified by written statement from a practicing physician. Parish Attendance Regulations

Letter grades (A,B,C,D,F) are reported for all content areas for students in grades 3-5. S and U are given in P.E. and Handwriting.


Pupil Placement

Students are randomly assigned to classrooms at the end of the school year. Students are not moved from one room to another after they are assigned. All transfer requests must go before the School Building Level Committee which is comprised of classroom teachers and administrators. Absolutely no transfers will be granted on the basis of teacher preference.